There are two kinds of people: Type #1: Those that have a job or career that they are in as a way to make money (and you know, live), but also have something on the side that they are super passionate about and Type #2: those that also have a job or career, but this job or career IS what they are passionate about and gets them into flow every time and is so aligned with who they are and what it is they really want to do. (If you are thinking to yourself right now, I’m type #1 I guess, but I don’t have anything else I’m passionate about, I don’t believe you. Do you like to read? Cook? Work out? Watch TV? Create something? Do SOMETHING? Then there is definitely something you are passionate about.)

Anyways…we can use myself as an example. I am currently the first type: I have a job in Student Affairs, which is something that I once was amazingly passionate about that helps me live the life I want to live, but I also have another passion that gets me in that alignment and flow whenever I’m doing work towards it and that is Thriving Holistically, my very own Life Coaching Business.

The difference between A & B is that B gives me so much freedom to live the life I want. It allows me to not be restricted to a 9-5 work day, it allows me more financial freedom to do things I am passionate about like traveling or helping others, and it allows me to fill my soul up with the most beautiful energy that comes from helping people realize that they too can do what they are passionate about and make money doing it.

It’s just a matter of breaking away from the mindset and the box that society has placed you in that makes you feel as though without that 9-5 you won’t survive. And let me tell you, that’s not the case at ALL. I’ve seen so many successful people do what they want to be doing and making very good money doing it because they have been able to break away from that restriction.

It’s not easy. At all. It’s very difficult and I am still working on it myself. It has a lot to do with your relationship with money and how it is affecting your life. It’s about growing your mind to one that knows that you will be able to succeed doing that thing you really are passionate about. Maybe it’s too hard to put in the work to get it done, but is it easier to live a life you don’t want?

What are you passionate about? What are you doing whenever you get into that flow?

For me it’s working with individuals, creating programs that are going to educate and inspire, working on my websites or social medias, and anything else having to do with my business.

What is it for you? Is it reading books or creating websites? Maybe it’s building things or teaching people how to ride horses? Do you love teaching people about social justice issues or how to live a more sustainable life?

You can do any of that and make money doing it. You can.

Maybe for you what you’re doing now IS what you are passionate about. If you already found that and are happy, then all the clapping emojis for you. But more often than not, I come across people who live in the type #1 realm. They have a job, then they have something on the side that they love to do. How can you find ways to make that thing on the side, what you DO?

A lot of it is honestly about investing in yourself. Taking the time and money to learn, work with someone who can guide you, and develop the tools you need in order to thrive.

Take this for example, if I told you that investing $5,000 in yourself will help you gain $100,000 within the next year, would you do it? That investment can complete alter the way you think and live your life and will encourage you to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

You just have to want it badly enough. You have to want not waking up at 8 AM to go work for something you don’t love. You have to want the freedom, alignment & energy that doing what you love will give you.

Do you want it bad enough? Yes?

What’s holding you back?

Work with me & we can find out together.

xoxo, Jane