Your Business Wish List


Inbox at zero


To do items completed


Client meetings scheduled 


Invoices paid


Contracts sent + signed 

Oh and did I mention? All of these would be done
with minimal effort on your part?


You have post-its everywhere and business notes on your phone with random to-do items


You realized you accidentally booked two clients calls at the same time


You’ve been wanting to work on an idea that is going to take your business to the next level, but the day to day tasks are weighing you down

Feeling overwhelmed? That’s a good thing!

That means your business is thriving and it’s time to grow your team. 

What if you had a project management system to keep track of all of those to-dos, and a team that gets to do them for you? Or a scheduling system so you never have to say the words “let me check my calendar” ever again?

Sounds like you need an Online Business Manager to make your business wish list a reality.

And the best part?

You don’t just get an OBM, you get a friend with a bunch of recommendations for books + tv shows to fill up all that free time you’re going to have.

Hey there! I’m Jane

As an Online Business Manager I help take your business from stressful to stress-free. I work with clients to implement systems + processes that will help make your business as efficient and as automated as possible. This way, you can focus on doing the things you really love to do both inside and outside of your business. 

I’ve always loved learning how things work and finding ways to make things run smoothly. I’m finally able to put my passion for organization to use in a way that helps other CEOs thrive. I have worked with every online business you can think of, from coaches to speakers to consultants to professional organizers and product-based businesses. I can’t wait to discover new ways to help people grow within their business!

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How I can help you

OBM Services

Let’s make that wish-list a reality! As your OBM I can help you clear up all those items in your to-dos and create new ways to make your business more efficient!

Branding & Content Creation

The best way to increase your business’s credibility is by establishing a solid brand aligned with who you are. Let me walk you through it. 

 Schedule a Call

Interested in learning more about my services as an OBM, get some 1:1 business coaching or create your own business brand? Schedule a call!


The Thriving OBM 

The Thriving OBM is a eight-week program designed to help people learn how to become Online Business Managers and Virtual Assistants. This self-paced course is perfect for those who love getting organized and want to create their own life as an OBM or VA.


Don’t just hear it from me

“It was an amazing experience. She was quick and had great ideas that truly made the branding of my company step up a whole other level. Her talent is truly phenomenal. Jane made the whole process so easy and had such great ideas that helped me see what is possible with my branding. I have gotten several compliments on my powerpoint or workbooks. I have no artistic ability and she was able to do exactly what I envisioned when I would email her. I loved working with her!”


I could say that Jane’s technical skill and creativity are her best attributes, but she doesn’t stop there!  She has the personality, communication skills, tenacity, and initiative to be a CEO in the (very near) future.  As she very modestly says, “the technical work is her creative outlet.”  Put it this way, I knew from very early on that I had given my money and my trust to the right person to get my business looking great and positioned for a new level of success.”


“I am an entrepreneur who has been trying to build my business and I decided to work with Jane to streamline my branding and social media. Jane gave me tips and resources that have been very helpful in making my brand more cohesive and building my identity on social media. She has always been quick to respond to my requests and will do everything she can to make sure the work she produces is perfect. She is very talented and I highly recommend working with Jane if you’re looking to build a polished image for your business.

TIYE SHERROD, Speaker, Educator & Trainer