Get Set Up Month

Imagine This

This is for:

Entrepreneurs who are ready to OWN their role as a CEO

Entrepreneurs who need support balancing the administrative tasks with their output/content creation

Entrepreneurs who are struggling to find the time in their days to do all the things that they need to do

Entrepreneurs who need help and aren't afraid to ask for it

It all comes down to this…

I help entrepreneurs create organization, systems, and processes that save them 15-20 hours a week of administrative work.

Jane has given my business a complete makeover​

and I am so excited with the outcome. My only regret is that I didn’t hire her early in the process to help establish a strong foundation for my business through the establishment of standard operating procedures, consistent branding of materials that gives my business a more professional look, as well as an introduction to a host of tools to streamline my workflow and make it more efficient. The thriving CEO package is a must-have for new businesses, as well as established business that may need a reboot.​

Let’s hunker down and upgrade your business!

During this set-up month, we’ll take a look at all your systems, tools, and processes that need a major uplevel. We’ll implement ways to automate your business so you don’t have to stress about whether or not your client received that email. We’ll also take a look at all of your business’ processes and your client’s journey to create some standard operating procedures that are going to help you to breathe easily! It’s basically like having your very own business superhero for a month.

What to expect



Business Audit + Overview

We'll take a look at your full business operations and offer recommendations on ways to make processes more efficient by determining what to add or remove and we'll answer all those questions you've been thinking about.



Operations + Process

Create 2-3 standard operating procedures so you have a clear understanding of what your process is from start to finish within multiple business operations. Once you have a clear understanding of you business' workflows, you'll be in such a state of flow.



Organization + Systems

Implement systems + tools to support your operations in a way that improves efficiency + effectiveness while elevating your client experience. You need a business HQ and we're going to create that for you. Trust me on this one.



Scale + Strategy

Discuss future offerings + services while offering strategic insight on how to scale for revenue growth. Let's get creative and dream big! Where do you want to be a year from now? 5 years?



Add On: Social Media Strategy + Branding

Build out your brand identity and social media strategy to keep your marketing plan fresh and innovative. We'll outline your brand and discuss what your marketing strategy should look like in a way that feels good for you!

Within about 4 months of starting my business, I very quickly realized that trying to create systems to help my business thrive was close to impossible while trying to get clients, create content, and make a living from my small business. When I reached out to Jane for the support I knew that the investment was going to be one that would be reflected in the way I ran my business moving forward. Jane helped me set up everything, explaining how each system would support my business needs at every step. Her patience and ability to meet you where you’re at felt really authentic and, I felt understood and seen in this business investment. When you start off as a business owner it can feel really overwhelming, but her ability to simplify the administrative pieces and create easy systems for my business to run smoothly was so helpful. Jane also saw my vision, understood my audience and values, and supported me in branding that was aligned and added extreme value to my business development. She is a joy to work with, a brainstorming partner, a wiz with systems, and wonderful support.


After this Get Set Up Month you'll be able to

Clearly understand how your business operates when it comes to sending out contracts, invoices, emails, etc. or adding new workflows for launches or content creation

Have a custom breakdown of your client's journey from start to finish and the roles that different systems/tools make for a memorable client experience

Gain the confidence to execute your business operations in an organized way that removes any stress or fear or overwhelm about what to do when and how

Spend time doing the things you love to do and staying in your zone of genius versus getting bogged down by administrative work

Walk away excited to grow your business's revenue with ease because your business is a well-oiled machine

I know being a CEO can be a lot, let me help handle all of those items you keep procrastinating on. That’s right. We’ll create ways to manage all those emails, get your calendar organized, brand that freebie you’ve been working on, and just overall be your business right-hand woman. These are my zones of genius, let’s get you into yours.

My experience working with Jane changed how I operated in my business.​

Her Get Set Up Month made me hire her as my full-time OBM. She showed me the power of a project management system, how to create email templates, and rebranded my speaker sheet, all in the first week. My proposals went from amateur-looking to pristine. This investment is the right one for any speaker. I can go on and on, but really she gave me more time to spend with my family. As a husband, father, and entrepreneur, every second counts. Having the time to experience life with my family and grow my business into a national brand was the best part of working with Jane. The best part about working with Jane was her desire to organize my business. Her work was intuitive and accommodating to every level of my business. She was able to help me see my business from a birds-eye view, which allowed me to organize the past and present of my business and to easily access and share information with clients.


What happens after a Get Set Up Month?

If you need continuous day to day support, I have a team of trained Virtual Assistants to help you! They’ll take care of all the things you don’t want to do so YOU have the time do the things you need to do. By hiring a Virtual Assistant in my agency, you also get continued access to me for support and questions.

Working with Jane was like a breath of fresh air.

She brought new ideas, recommendations and approaches to every interaction, which ultimately brought a new energy to my business. Even after our time working together was up (and I wish it wasn't!), I find myself approaching every aspect of my work in new, innovative ways. As someone who juggles a 9 to 5, being an entrepreneur, and some BIG future dreams... my plate is beyond full. Jane brought so much structure and organization to aspects of my business that I had never even considered. There were so many little things that I was doing manually that we were able to discuss automating or making templates for. Working with Jane really helped move a lot of my administrative tasks to autopilot, so I can finally focus more of my brain capacity on the areas where I really shine.

- Jasmine Williams, Jasmine C. Williams, LLC

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The Thriving OBM is a eight-week program designed to help people learn how to become Online Business Managers and Virtual Assistants. This self-paced course is perfect for those who love getting organized and want to create their own life as an OBM or VA.

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