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Get You Set Up Month

Let’s hunker down and upgrade your business! During this set-up month, we’ll take a look at all your systems, tools, and processes that need a major uplevel. We’ll implement ways to automate your business so you don’t have to stress about whether or not your client received that email! We’ll also take a look at all of your business’ processes and your client’s journey to create some standard operating procedures that are going to help you to breathe easily! It’s basically like having your very own business superhero for a month! 

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No biggie, it’s what I do.

I know being a CEO can be a lot, let me handle all of those items you keep procrastinating on. That’s right. I’ll handle the emails, getting your calendar organized, branding that freebie you’ve been working on, and just overall be your business right-hand woman.



Operations Management | Email Management, Calendar Management, Systems + Tools Management, Business Processes execution, and more.


Client Management | Onboarding, Client Experience, Customer Service, Group Coaching Program Support, etc.


Graphic Design + Content Creation | Social Media Graphics, Workbooks, Letterheads, PDFs, PowerPoint Slides, etc.


Project Management | Standard Operating Procedures, Group Coaching Programs, Workbooks + Products


Business Strategy | Scale and grow your business with ease, support with new products and services, etc.


Website Management | Website updates, new page creations, product updates, course updates, etc.


Customizable to the needs of you and your business

OBM Process

The New CEO Package

Let’s Get You Set Up!

Are you a new CEOs who needs help setting up their business to run smoothly + efficiently and want help to build it? Throughout three coaching calls, we’ll chat about your business needs, systems, processes, client journey and more, and then implement systems and tools to make sure you’re all set and ready to go. PLUS you can add branding support if you want help creating your cohesive brand!


complimentary Consultation

Interested in getting some help for your business or doing a Get You Set-Up Month? This call is for you! We’ll chat through what all of my services entail, what to expect out of a Get You Set-Up Month, and what your next steps should be! 


Much of an entrepreneur’s business and success involves how they show up in online spaces and connect with their followers or customers. Whether you’re starting your own business, or looking to rebrand, I’ll help you develop a plan that aligns with your vision. I’ll help you connect with your audience by cultivating confidence through vulnerability and on-brand content. Additionally, I will share many of the tools and resources I use to develop my own social media brand! In this 1:1 call we’ll chat all about your brand, how to build your social media algorithm, and content batching!

Business Systems + Processes Intensive

Take it from someone who has been there, done that. Starting a business can be pretty difficult. Let’s chat about what your business systems + processes can look like to make sure everything is as efficient and smooth as possible. In this 1:1 call, we’ll take a look at all of your current systems and tools to determine what can be implemented to help you towards your stress-free life. I’ll also provide some business coaching and recommendations as to what should be implemented in your business!


Top Systems + Tools You Need ASAP

Project Management System

How organized are you really? Get all your to-dos, projects, tasks, organized by implementing a Project Management System that is going to keep everything on track.

Scheduling Platform 

How do your clients get in contact with you? Create an easy way that potential clients can see your availability without you double-checking your calendar 17 times.

Customer Relationship Management System

What does your customer experience look like? Make them feel like the VIP they are by implementing a system that allows them to see everything that is going on, all in one place.


Don’t just hear it from me

Where do I begin!? Jane worked her magic and flawlessly created a website that showcases my energy, brand, and messaging. She built my website from the ground up and made it accessible and clear. Jane used my brand colors and photos to help me tell my story and I am so grateful for her intentionality and human-centric approach. She consulted on what systems to use, how to showcase my offers, and provided emotional support through all of my millions of questions. Working with someone like Jane is so special because she listens, celebrates you, and helps you feel confident in decision-making as you share your business with the world. Thank you, Jane, for your creativity, skills, and support. “

MICHELLE JALALI, Jalali Consulting

“I can’t say enough good things about Jane’s work! She is quick, thorough, and so easy to work with. Jane is genius at branding and creating documents that look polished, professional, and user friendly! She has helped me create systems in my business that allow me to focus on the creative aspects of my work, while she handles virtually everything else. Always with a smile and a prompt response, Jane has been a game-changer in my business and I couldn’t recommend her more!

VICTORIA FARRIS, Farris Consulting

I knew Jane was the one when she sent back some fillable pdf in less than 20 minutes. She took my workbook to the next level in 20 minutes, so what could she do for my business and brand in one month? I’ll tell you! After 1 week with Jane, I had branded webinar PowerPoints, Speakersheets, Bio Sheet, Email Signature, Letterheads, and Testimonial + Feedback Form. She then created a flow chart, email responses, and communications strategies (Standard Operating Procedures) for my webinars, speaking engagements, group coaching, online courses, and one on one coaching program! Jane is a consummate and competent OBM, making an investment in The Thriving CEO is making an investment in yourself.

DAR MAYWEATHER, Good Mayweather Consulting 

Content Creation

Need a branded resource, PDF, or social media graphic? Let me help make that new freebie go from bleh to BAM! Check out my content creation library below to see some of the work I’ve done! 

Content Creation Library

content creation


“Jane has done a resume workbook and a downloadable PDF for me and they BOTH exceeded my expectations. They are so beautiful and represent my business and my brand in an amazing way. She took my jumbled mess of a Word document and transformed it into a product that I am proud to sell to clients. The documents LOOK exactly how I wanted them to, with pretty minimal input from me. Jane listened carefully to my needs and created documents that looked exactly how I wanted them to. No, even BETTER than what I pictured. Her rates are very reasonable and her turn around time is quick! My documents are BEAUTIFUL. I am PROUD to have them out there. There is NO way I could have made them on my own. Honestly, I cried when I saw the workbook- it is so great. It matches me, my style, and my business aesthetic.”

MONICA FOCHTMAN, Sheldrake Consulting

I have never worked with anyone as committed and attentive as Jane. I entered our first call with no clear direction of what I needed, but I knew what I wanted. She took time to guide me, step-by-step, to help me clarify my specific goals and outcomes as it related to my social media branding.Jane gave me step by step details on how to use social media to further establish my brand. She provided realistic and relevant examples that didn’t leave me feeling overwhelmed. Jane’s useful techniques have allowed me to streamline my designs and overall “look” of my brand.

ASHLEY BAKER, Ash B Consulting

Jane was extremely professional, efficient, and warm in my interaction with her.  I used Jane’s services to create a one page speaker sheet to promote my services.  As soon as I sent the original information to Jane she sent me a proof to look at in less than 2 hours.  The first draft was great but I just wanted something else to possibly choose from.  Jane gladly agreed and sent me 2 other drafts to look at by that evening.  She is fabulous.  I was able to make about 3 or 4 revisions before I chose a final product.  Every part of the process I felt like we were doing together.



The Thriving OBM 

The Thriving OBM is a eight-week program designed to help people learn how to become Online Business Managers and Virtual Assistants. This self-paced course is perfect for those who love getting organized and want to create their own life as an OBM or VA.