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Take a second and take a deep breath.. unclench your jaw and lower your shoulders.

Imagine this…


You wake up at 9:00 AM, make yourself a cup of coffee or hot chocolate (we’re all about hot chocolate here), and take a seat to enjoy your morning


Maybe you take this extra time to write in a journal, spend some time with your family, or get a work out in


You start getting ready for your first meeting of the day at 11:00 AM and you feel rested, valued, and so fulfilled


You spend a couple of hours getting some client work in and then go out to lunch, or maybe even call it a day and it’s only 3:00 PM


Not only this, but you have been able to set aside money in your savings, plan a nice week away, or even treat yourself to the latest iPhone upgrade — and the best part?

You’ve done so with zero guilt and 100% ease of mind. 

This is the life I want for you and this is what
The Thriving OBM can help you achieve.

This program is for you if…


You’re living paycheck to paycheck and crave that financial freedom


You’re tired of working over 40 hours a week and having to live your life according to someone      else’s rules


You want to be your own boss and start a flexible business


You love getting things organized and actually love doing administrative work


You are ready to make $5k+ months while working less than 30 hours a week

There is such a need for online business managers + virtual assistants right now.

This could be you!


Making $5-10k a month while working when you want 


Setting your own boundaries + taking time off when you want it 


Working with your dream clients who make you feel  valued + appreciated


Building your own business, one that is 100% yours

Behind every successful online business owner,
is an ONLINE BUSINESS MANAGER making the magic happen.


Module 1: The Beginning

This module focuses on the basics of starting your business as a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager. We go over your business check-list, who your ideal client is, do some mindset work, and find out the difference between an OBM + a VA.

Module 2: The Systems

During week two, we cover the systems you must know to get started as a VA or OBM which include project management systems, scheduling, email etiquette, and trainings for over eight different systems. You’ll learn how to implement them in no time!


Module 3: The Tools

You need systems, but you also need to use plenty of tools. In this module, we’ll cover the most used tools for your business such as Canva, Adobe Acrobat, Clockify, Zapier, and eight other miscellaneous tools that make your life and your client’s life so much easier!

Module 4: The Product Suite

You have the systems & tools, now how do you pull it all together for your offerings as a VA or OBM? Here we’ll show you how + discuss all the different tiers of products you should have. Plus, learn how to launch your very own course!


Module 5: The Legal Things

Some of the most daunting pieces of starting a business are the legal components. Here we make it easier! We show you exactly what contract to use with clients, how to establish your LLC, and get your EIN!

Module 6: The Branding

Your brand is KEY. How are you showing up consistently across all social media platforms? Here we’ll show you how to create your own brand and how to use it to attract new clients. We go over marketing, content batching, and more!


Module 7: The Client Experience

Securing your first client is the hardest part of starting your own business as a VA or OBM. Here we’ll cover what to talk about on a discovery call, how to establish key performance indicators with your client as well as standard operating procedures.

Module 8: The Support

Now that you have all the tools you need, find out how you can receive some more support, whether through our Facebook group, coaching calls, 1:1 business coaching, and more. Most importantly, how can I support YOU on your new career path!

success stories

Check out what others are saying:

The Thriving OBM is the perfect, short + sweet course to learn and implement all the basics (and even some not-so-basics) to launch an OBM or VA business. I enjoyed the calls with other participants, because we could all share thoughts with each other, and usually someone would ask a questions I didn’t even know I had too! The modules were the perfect length, not overwhelming or too in depth, but still chock full of amazing information.

– Jacqui Chiari

This program was a complete foundational program from mind set to resources, starting a business and finding your clients.  Excellent foundation provided now it is up to me to run with it and thrive!!

– Jo Munoz

I feel like The Thriving OBM program was definitely a great start to get to know the field. I was very confused prior to this course with what being a VA or OBM was. Through this course, not only did I learn the distinction between the two, but also how I could implement my own experience to be successful. There was so much useful information not only with how to get your business started with the basics but also how to approach personal beliefs, networking and how to understand client needs. 

– Yunova Delgadillo

Meet Your Coach

Jane Rodriguez

Online Business Manager | CEO of The Thriving CEO

Hello there! My name is Jane Rodriguez and I am the Founder + CEO of The Thriving CEO. I currently serve as the Online Business Manager for so many incredible entrepreneurs + I love helping other CEOs upgrade their businesses by implementing efficient systems. 

I sort of stumbled into becoming a Virtual Assistant/Online Business Manager and quickly fell in love with this work. Thanks to my work as an OBM I was able to leave my 9-5 job in June of 2020. 


$499 A MONTH

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