Ever since I started my own business, I had an idea what I wanted my brand to look by and how I wanted to show up on social media—specifically on Instagram.

These three apps have completely changed the game for me in regards to how I post, how aligned with my brand my images are, and how engaging/captivating I am with my followers.

All can be downloaded from the app store for FREE, but if you want some pro features, you’d have to dish out a bit of cash (I’ll include pricing as well and why I think they’re worth it).

#1: Canva

While I use this website tool practically every hour of every day, their app version allows me to quickly download any images that I create without having to e-mail them to myself. I use the website to create my designs in a more efficient manner, then open up my canva app and download them or make any quick edits before I do.

⇥ What I use it for: Literally anything and everything. Instagram Feed posts, Instagram stories, Facebook banners, Pinterest pins, workbooks, e-mail headers, these beautiful blog images, forms, etc. Anything that you see that has some sort of graphic design has been created on Canva.

⇥ Price: Free or $99/Year for their membership that gives you access to quickly saving your brand colors, logos, access to more images, fonts, etc

⇥ Is it worth it: I sure as hell think it is. I use it so frequently it’s wild. It’s probably the most used website I have. It has allowed me to create a solid consistency to my brand that has made me fall in love with the world of social media marketing/branding.

#2: Buffer

This app is the #1 reason why I live a stress free life. It allows me to schedule out my post, create captions far in advance, and not have to worry about a single thing. My favorite part is when it gets posted to Instagram, the captions are nicely spaced out without having to use any periods or funky emojis to get my spacing just right.

⇥ What I use it for: Every single thing that is posted on both my business (@thriving.holistically) and my personal (@janeebug) account, has been posted through Buffer. If I’m feeling particularly inspired for a caption, I just choose my image, type it out on Buffer, set the location, and what accounts I want it to out of (I have Facebook linked as well), set the time and day I want it to post and completely forget about it. It has saved me SO many headaches and is the reason I’ve been able to get that consistent brand on my feed. *Thing to know: Your accounts must be business profiles for it to post automatically.

⇥ Price: Free or different pricing depending on how many accounts you want to link. I have not had to upgrade or pay any money just yet —maybe in the future!

⇥ Is it worth it: Absolutely! Download this right now and thank me later.

#3: Mojo

I actually just got this app and it has CHANGED MY LIFE. I have so much fun using all of the cool different features for the Instagram stories and has probably been my favorite app so far.

⇥ What I use it for: This app is used to help create those super cool, interactive Instagram story videos you see. If you follow me, you’ve definitely seen them a time or two. The possibilities are honestly so endless and I can’t wait to see how I use it in the future. It allows me to upload my own images or backgrounds (created on Canva, of course) to make sure that my brand remains consistent. But my favorite part is definitely how much fun I have using this app. It’s also super user friendly and easy to use.

⇥ Price: Free or $39.99/year for access to Pro features.

⇥ Is it worth it: I honestly was going to try to not buy the yearly membership, but once I saw all of the features that came included I had to do it. I know that this will be the app that I am going to use the most (aside from canva) to make my Instagram stories POP.


I hope this post was useful when it comes to figuring out how you want your own Instagram to feel.

If you need help, I do offer Media Consultant services or you can even hire me to create all of these images for you! E-mail me at jane@thriving-holistically.com to chat!