All my life I’ve always had an endless amount of interests. I wanted to do it all, really. In high school it manifested as me being ridiculously involved and joining several different organizations. In college it manifested as much of the same mixed in with sorority life, family life, and working. In grad school, it was endless internships and learning opportunities. On top of all of that, I’ve always been so passionate about movies, tv shows, books, video games, traveling, cooking, and so much more.

I would quickly pick something up, become super passionate about it, and then lose interest. This happened more times than I could count and I could never figure out why I was the way that I was. My friends noticed, my family noticed, everyone that was close enough to see, noticed.

My typical behavior went something like this: finds thing that is interesting, become obsessed with it, and then have it slowly fall away.

It wasn’t until I got my Human Design chart read by the wonderful Christina Echevarria (@stellarshift on instagram if you want to get your chart read as well!) that it all made sense.

My human design chart (pictured below) deemed me as a Manifesting Generator.

Here’s a glimpse of what this means: As a Manifesting Generator, you’re energetic and love multi-tasking, though how proficient you are at it depends on how well you listened to your authority and followed your strategy. You are designed to be doing more than one thing at once and need to express that part of your energy or you can develop health problems, especially with your thyroid. Your energy is like trying to capture lightening in a bottle: it will ricochet around your body wreaking havoc unless it has somewhere external to go. (Found here where you can learn a bit more about each Human Design type! I will also be doing a special What I’ve Learned About Human Design blog post!)

Additionally, as an MG I have a defined sacral center, which means that I have to listen to my gut to make any decisions. This is especially true, because I’ve always been able to look at something and immediately know if I like it or not (it’s both a blessing & a curse when it comes to online shopping).

Recently, I have been identifying more and more with being an MG because it has allowed me to embrace something that I previously felt guilty about. I would always punish myself for picking something up one minute and dropping it the next. I was frustrated that I couldn’t stick to one thing, but now I’ve realized that I’m just really not meant to.

This has translated into my business and what I do (as I’m sure you can see). Not only do I offer 1:1 Coaching on Holistic Wellness + Growth Mindset, but I also create workbooks and resources, am always learning new things, reading new things, etc. I’ve recently also started to help others with Media Management when it comes to their own businesses such as content creation, social media, workbooks, resources, website design, and much more.

Having so many different things to do lights me up. For others it can seem exhausting, while for me it’s so incredibly exciting!

With that being said, I have recently created “The F*ck Yeah Journal” that helps embrace that gut feeling that comes so naturally to me and help others define their desires. You can find this journal in my store:!

Jane’s Human Design Chart:

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Jane Rodriguez-Human Design Chart.jpg
Jane Rodriguez-Human Design Chart.jpg