I always try my very best to add meaning to everything I do. Whether it’s the logo that I use, the titles to my workshops, blogs, etc. or even the prices of the products I put out.

When I first started Thriving Holistically, I knew two things: that I wanted my logo to be a sunflower and that I wanted my main brand color to be yellow.

Sunflowers aren’t even my favorite flower and yellow isn’t even my favorite color.

So why did I choose these two?

Sunflowers hold a lot of love and fond memories for me. When I was little, my grandma always tried to have fresh flowers in the house. Sunflowers were some that she bought frequently and I always remember them making me so happy. They appear to be so strong and bright and I could never not be happy while looking at them. I have this vivid memory of a glass vase filled with sunflowers in our living room (the one that we weren’t allowed to sit in unless we had guests) and the sun was shining in through the window and hitting the sunflowers perfectly. They looked so radiant.

I must have been eight or nine when that happened, but it’s so funny how the smallest of memories stay with you.

I chose the color yellow because when I think of happiness and joy and warmth, that’s the color I see. I wanted people who interacted with my page or my social media to feel that brightness.

They’ve both become another thing that I am passionate and obsessed about. I’m always buying yellow clothes or random things. I buy sunflowers when I want my home to be filled with radiant energy. They hold special meaning now more than ever.

When you create your own brand, I encourage you to find something that is meaningful to you—no matter how random it may seem. Your brand is a manifestation of you. What do you want it to mean?