There comes a time in your life where you kind of say enough is enough. That’s how I went about getting my own life coach.

I was at a point where I knew that getting a life coach was going to change my life. And I’m not talking about just for this year or a couple of months, but really help me create some long-term change in my life. Someone that was going to hold me accountable, guide me through starting my own business, and get me in the frame of mind that I wanted to be in.

Life isn’t easy at all. Sometimes we need some guidance through it and that is perfectly okay.

I wanted to invest in myself and I knew that this investment was going to change my life for the better. So far, I have been able to launch my own business, do so confidently, and be inspired every day to be the person I want to be. I know that I have an impact on this world and having someone be in my corner throughout all of it has been so wonderful.

This is something that sometimes friends don’t understand, nor your family, or even your therapist. And that’s okay too!

I needed someone who was going to understand. Who had been through what I’d been through and would be able to guide me effectively.

Yes, it’s an investment. But the impact that I am receiving is so invaluable.

By getting a life coach, I was becoming a better life coach to my clients. I am creating a better future for myself. You can’t do it all. This is why people have teams of people helping them or supporting them.

There is also this huge accountability + staying on-track component that comes to play. I am someone who has 800 different interests and as soon as something is no longer interesting to me, I drop it. I needed someone to continue to find the passion in what I love to do and grow. I needed someone who was going to help me use my strengths in the best possible way.

I was ready for my life to change.

Huge shout out to my awesome coach, Kayley Robsham. She has been such an inspiration from the get-go and I have loved witnessing how much you’ve grown in these few short months! I can’t wait to keep working with you and be part of all of your amazing programs. Thank you for being the absolute best!