I have always had some connection with numbers. I can memorize phone numbers, ID numbers, addresses, etc with ease. They have always carried a significance to me of some sort. Shoot, I even have the numbers 143 tattoo-ed on my right wrist, so I guess you can say I pay attention to the numbers I see.

That is basically what Numerology is about. Almost like astrology, but with numbers. All the numbers you see have meaning and carry energy. If you see them repeatedly, then to me, that’s the Universe trying to tell you something. Which is why I was so fascinated by Numerology when I found out this was a thing. To me, Numerology contributed to my Spiritual Wellness. I was looking at Astrology and bumped into Numerology. It helped me make sense of the world around me in regards to energy and what I was feeling. And like I said before, I always had a connection to numbers so it was fun to add some meaning behind it.

Here are somethings that I have learned about Numerology:

1) Every number has significance and carries it’s own energy. See those numbers repeatedly or consecutively such as 333 or 888, and the Universe is trying to tell you something.

2) None of the numbers signify anything negative. There are just trying to tell you different things.

3) Angel Numbers are REAL and once you become aware of them, you will see them everywhere. It’s kind of like a nice little reminder to remain mindful of your goals and know that you are on the right path. I see them as little validation steps that continue to push me forward. It’s a nice thought to have that the Universe has your back and is sending you small signals via numbers to assure you of that.

4) There are plenty of numbers for different things such as your Life Path Number, your Personal Number or even your House Number. It’s really cool looking it all up and seeing what resonates with you.

I’ve condensed everything I have learned into a three-page cheat sheet for you that you can download for FREE! All you have to go is go to this link: https://www.thriving-holistically.com/what-ive-learned-resources all you have to do is give us your e-mail ;-).

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xoxo, Jane