I believe that meditation saved my life. Honestly.

When I had my first therapy session, my therapist recommended it to me in a way to pause, and sort through all of the things going on in my head.

I remember her walking me through a meditation during that first session because she could see how anxious I was. While she was walking me through it, I couldn’t even get my breathing to calm. I kept feeling my deep breaths shake within me. But once it was over, I felt so much more at peace.

So I added it into my nighttime routine and would try to mediate anywhere from 5-20 minutes every night, depending on what I needed.

I would use guided meditations on YouTube such as Vishen’s 6 Phase Meditation or I would just meditate on my own.

This is generally what my processed looked like for both:

1) Sit down on my couch (find a comfortable position that works for you), look through YouTube and find meditations that were the desired length I wanted whether that was 5 minutes or 30. I would also select a guided meditation based on what I wanted to do or achieve that night whether that was calming the mine, letting something go, expressing gratitude, connecting with the Universe to manifest something, etc. I would then just listen to the guided mediation and let it take cover.

2) For my 2nd method, I also sit down on my couch. But I would walk myself through the mediation. I would take four breaths: breathing in for four seconds, holding it for four seconds, and exhaling for four seconds. 4x4x4x4. I would then visualize my happy place. For me, this is a sunflower field at sunset with beautiful large mountains in front of me and the beach behind me. I would then have conversations with my subconscious mind (that often manifested as a 7-year old me), the Universe, the Moon, my Spirit Guide, & God. I would tell them what I wanted to accomplish. Who I wanted to be. Sometimes, I would just sit in the silence and let the thoughts that were going through my head all day just pass me by. Sometimes I would express gratitude for everything I have from the hair on my head to the car I get to drive everyday. And doing this brought so much peace into my life. S

Throughout this process of learning what meditation looks like to me, I’ve learned that I get to make the rules.

I’ve also been able to practice 2 minute mediation for times where I feel extra anxious and need to realign my focus. I’ve been able to do this at work, in the middle of a theme park, in my own home, or car. Sometimes you just need to bring yourself back and do whatever works for you.

Benefits of Meditating:

  1. Decreases depression/anxiety
  2. Regulates mood
  3. Improves focus, attention, and ability to work under stress
  4. Improves information processing & decision-making
  5. Mental Strength & Resilience
  6. Stronger against pain
  7. Self-awareness
  8. Psychological well-being
  9. Reduces blood pressure
  10. Empathy & positivity
  11. Increases compassion
  12. Motivation

My advice to you is to do just that: what works for you. Meditation might not be for everyone. I’ve realized that meditation is not something that is effective for me if I do it every night. I do it when I feel it in my soul that I need to and that’s okay. You get to make the rules as to what your meditation looks like for you.

There are tons of resources, information, and resources regarding meditation because of this, I won’t be creating a cheat sheet for this session of What I’ve Learned. I challenge you to find what works for you and not be afraid that you are not doing it right. You make the rules, remember?

Happy Meditating!



Some of my favorite guided meditations:

6 Phase Guided Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaRu14P9H84&list=PLbeokNWjPp8f5zfLxFB874bZZqWAD2se_

Positive Mind in 5 Minutes Meditation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RxXiFgkxGc&list=PLbeokNWjPp8f5zfLxFB874bZZqWAD2se_&index=2