The way I stumbled upon Feng Shui was pretty interesting. I was listening to this podcast called “The Mind Your Business Podcast” by James Wedmore and he had special guest Karen Rauch Carter to talk about her book “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life”. The more she talked about how what we have in certain spaces, affects or influences energy and certain areas of our lives, the more intrigued I was.

As someone who is fascinated by holistic wellness and knowing that environmental wellness was something to consider, I decided to give Feng Shui a shot. I started to read her book, chapter by chapter, and make changes to my home accordingly. I found myself getting excited to read the next chapter and move stuff around in another area. Once I adapted 5 areas (or baguas, which is their official name), I could feel the energy following into my apartment. Honestly. It was palpable. I was so excited to come home and be in those spaces.

You see, Feng Shui is all about the intention behind it. In other words, you have to believe in it. You can’t just put a purple elephant in your prosperity bagua and be like “ha, this won’t work” because then guess what…it won’t. Set the intention that you want when you are moving stuff around. Bring in the positivity.

The top five things I’ve learned about Feng Shui are:

1. There are 9 different areas (called baguas) and each address an area in your life and are also located in designated areas in your home. The areas are Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, Relationships & Love, Family, Health & Other, Creativity & Children, Skills & Knowledge, Career, and Helpful People & Travel

2. Within each area, you can elements of the Nine Cures (cure is another word for balance), which are light, sound, living things, weight (things that are heavy or symbolize heavy things such as a statue of an elephant), living things, color, moving objects, symbolic items, electric power, or meaningful items.

3. All of these areas are interconnected in one way and also blend together. Some of them share similar power tools so finding one item that can help two areas at once!

4. If you have a two-story home, the ground area is where you should focus, but it can be applied to both floors! Same goes for your car, desk at work, garage, etc.

5. Feng Shui is all about the intention behind you moving your stuff and welcoming in the ch’i.

Then, you’ll really start to see some change.

I have created a quick cheat sheet for you all about what I pulled from Carter’s book. It is by no means all encompassing, but it’s just enough to get you started or curious. I would recommend moving stuff you might already have to spaces where they will benefit you the most. For example, if you a have a mirror in your Fame or Reputation bagua, consider moving it to your Prosperity or Relationships & Love Bagua.

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xoxo, Jane