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All the tools you need to become a VA + OBM!

Module 1: The Beginning | This module focuses on the basics of starting your business as a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager. We go over what to expect in this course as well as introduce some additional levels of support to get you started!

Module 2: Starting Your Business | Starting a business can be so daunting! This 6-part module focuses on all those things you need to know to start your own business. We cover everything from deciding what your business is to branding and legal elements. This is applicable to anybody who wants to start any kind of business!

Module 3: Starting as a VA | You need to know what your role and life will be like as a Virtual Assistant. This 4-part module goes over what your roles and responsibilities are, what it means to be a VA, and best practices for getting you started.

Module 4: Becoming an OBM | Time to upgrade to an OBM! This 4-part module focuses on all of the systems, tools, and processes you should be familiar with once you’re ready to uplevel into an OBM. Here we get you thinking and working like an OBM!

Module 5: Support + Community | The hardest thing you can do is do this alone. This module highlights some additional layers of support and community that I have built to help you create the business you want to have. Learn more about my membership + agency that helps you secure clients!

BONUS Module: Thriving as a CEO | You’ll be surprised how much personal development goes into starting a business and it’s something I’ve become super passionate about. This bonus module covers the Eight Dimensions of Wellness and how you can implement practices to THRIVE as a CEO.


I created this membership because I wanted to foster a community of support for folks who are or want to be Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers. Having a close-knit community where we exchange thoughts, ideas, and even energy felt so exciting for me! This is the very beginning of what this membership will look like and I hope to be able to expand access and benefits in the future!

As a founding member of The Thriving CEO Membership, you get access to everything below:

  • Access to any + all future courses
  • Access to The Thriving CEO Agency Membership – where you’ll be able to have access to me if you have any questions or thoughts about specific things in relation to your client
  • First access + selection into The Thriving CEO Agency

With this bundle, you get access to The Thriving OBM + Membership for the duration of Six (6) months! At the end of those Six (6) Months, you can choose to renew your membership for continued access.

I have lots of big plans for what is to come and I’m excited for you to join me! Click the button below to join now!

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