One of the best parts of living in SoCal is being so close to San Diego. Only a 2 hour~ drive with some traffic and you are in one of the coolest cities EVER. This past weekend I took a Girl’s Trip with a couple of my favorite gal pals where we did and saw a surprising amount of San Diego, but there is still so much left to see. Enough, at least, for two or three more weekend trips.

Here are some of my favorite things:

#1: Balboa Park

Balboa Park is absolutely beautiful with endless spots for the perfect Instagram picture. On Fridays, they have Food Truck Fridays and performances by several different organizations. It’s honestly the perfect spot for families or a cute date. The architecture is gorgeous and there are a bunch of different gardens that you can visit. They also have this gorgeous amphitheater that I’m sure has some cool shows or screenings.

#2: Sunset Cliffs

This was my favorite part of the trip and an absolute must-do if you go to San Diego. Like if there is anything you take away from this list it’s to do THIS. Also a great spot for Instagram pics ;). We got there about half an hour before Sunset and the cliffs were already filled with people getting ready to watch the sunset. I would plan to stick around until a half hour after the sun goes down because the sky is beautiful. There is no wrong spot to watch the sunset from really, it was all breathtaking.

#3: Gaslamp Quarter

Luckily for us, our AirBnB was located in the Gaslamp Quarter so we saw a bunch of this area. This is the spot where all of the bars and clubs are at. It is definitely a very lively spot. This girl’s trip had a much more chill and explore vibe, so we didn’t go out much, but we did go to a bar with live music that was called Tin Roof that had a ridiculously cute guitar player. Although it’s lively at night, it’s also super nice to walk around during the day.

#4: Embracing the Peace Statue

I had always known that this statue existed, but I didn’t know that THIS is where it was and when I found out I was very very excited. I had the poster of this in my room all throughout high school so seeing this massive statue in person was so cool! There are also a ton of museums surrounding it that would be cool to visit some other time—especially if you’re into the Navy and all that fun stuff. *Side Note: Totally acknowledging that this statue is slightly problematic considering that the two individuals did not know each other prior to the kiss and he basically assaulted her, but the hopeless romantic in me needed to see it*

#5: Seaport Village

Cute little village that is walking distance from the Embracing the Peace Statue. It’s filled with tons of shops, restaurants, a nice view of a marina filled with hundreds of boats and yachts, and just an overall nice place to walk around. Definitely very family friendly and a good place to stop, grab some ice cream, and take a break from walking around the—at times—very hot San Diego.

#6: Coronado Beach

In all transparency, I am not really a beach person. I love walking around a beach, but going in the water or sitting out to tan or just anything that involves sand is kind of ehh for me. But Coronado Beach was so cool to walk along! The sand looks like there is gold glitter infused in it which makes it beautiful to look at. We probably spent about 45 minutes just walking along the beach and it was so fun to people watch and just vibe off people’s energy. Warning: the water was FREEZING so don’t really recommend getting in if you’re not into that. But there is a DOG BEACH at the end of the beach. Yes. A dog beach. AKA heaven on earth because there’s hundreds of dogs just running around, playing with each other and living their best lives and this filled me with a lot of joy.

#7: Old Town

This small little town was filled with Mexican Restaurants, shops, and bakeries. We ended up eating here for Dinner at Casa de Rey and it was delicious! My stomach becomes an endless pit whenever chips and salsa are involved and they definitely had some of the best I’ve ever tasted. We spent a good hour or so walking in and out of different shops that circled the restaurant. There was also live music which was wonderful to listen to as we ate.

#8: Extraordinary Desserts

Lastly, we ended our Saturday Night at Extraordinary Desserts and I can tell you that they definitely lived up to their name. I had a lemon bar and cheesecake brownie and it was the most delicious, decadent thing I’ve ever eaten. If you have a huge sweet tooth like me, I would definitely recommend this place to grab a treat or two at!