I tried to do something that I told myself would never work for me: Meal Prepping.

The reason why I told myself that it would never work is because I am an extremely picky eater. Additionally, the idea of eating the same. exact. meal. over and over again, is my personal idea of torture. So for me? Meal prepping would never work.

But you see, I was also struggling with the fact that I was not very motivated to cook throughout the week, I was spending way too much money on Postmates, and I was eating very badly and I was started to see the affects of it in my body, how I was thinking, all of it.

So I decided to give it a try and this is what I’ve learned:

1) Meal Prepping is HARD AF. To satisfy the picky eater in my that refused to eat the same meal over and over again, I decided that I was going to make 10 completely different meals (5 for lunch, 5 for dinner). Yes, you read that right. Ten. For me, this was a combination of different sauces/marinades for my chicken, carbs, & veggies so each meal would be uniquely different. It took me about 3-4 hours to cook it all.

2) When I was prepping everything, I was like WOW this is a lot and then I cooked it and it all shrunk considerably. But thankfully it was still a lot of food and it has filled up so woohoo!

3) I am so grateful to not have to cook. It has honestly been so nice to get home and just grab a meal or not having to pack my lunch.

4) It is still kind of bothering how not fresh the meals are going to be by the time I get to Friday. I might try to instead of prepping and cooking everything on Sunday, just prepping and cooking throughout the week? What took the most amount of time for me was definitely the prepping. So maybe cutting the veggies and marinading my chicken, and then cooking as I go will make me feel a bit better.

5) I cannot make brown rice to save my life. I really can’t. I ended up substituting my 2nd carb with potatoes instead and it worked out really really well. I also discovered how much I LOVE sweet potatoes, cauliflower, & bell peppers so I think these are going to be my go-to veggies and use sweet potatoes to substitute all my dinner “carbs”.

6) I am feeling the change in my body by eating so healthily and I love it! I feel more energized and overall am in a better mood since I know my body is feeling well.

7) It is also saving me a ridiculously amount of money! I probably paid roughly $80 or so for everything in the grocery list provided below! Which means that I’m not spending $20-$30+ a day in Postmates or going out to buy food for lunch (those fees add up man!)

8) I’m not super crazy about eating healthy all the time. But doing this made me eat a lot healthier than I usually do. To me, as long as I am being mindful of what I put into my body, it’s all good.

P.S: Thank you for everyone who has sent me Meal Prepping Tips! Y’all are the best. We’ll see if I give this another try 😉

Grocery List:

4 lbs of Chicken Breast

2 Bags of Whole Wheat Couscous (only used one)

1 Bag of Brown Rice (ended up going to waste unfortunately)

4 Bell Peppers (one of each color)

3 Sweet Potatoes (only used two)

2 Garlic Bulb (only used half of one)

2 Red Onions (only used one)

1 Bag of Carrots (still have about half left)

1 Bag of Celery (used about half)

1 Bag of Medley Fingerling Potatoes

2 Bags of Pre-Cut Cauliflower

2 Limes

2 Lemons (used one)



Green Onions

Additional Items Not Purchased, but Used:


Sweet Chili Sauce

Hoisin Sauce

Soy Sauce

Seasoning (Goya ;))

Olive Oil (a lot of it)

Balsamic Vinegar

BBQ Sauce



Chicken Marinades/Sauces Created:

(All Chicken was first seasoned with salt + pepper)

-Mojo Chicken (Goya Seasoning + Olive Oil+Salt+Pepper)

-Garlic Honey (Fresh Garlic + Honey + Olive Oil)

-Thai (Sweet Chili + Hoisin + Soy Sauce + Olive Oil)

-Cilantro Lime (Cilantro + Lime Juice + Olive Oil)

-Lemon Rosemary (Rosemary + Lemon Juice + Olive Oil)

-BBQ (just bbq sauce)

~I prepped this in the morning and let them marinate in the fridge for about 5 hours before baking in a 425 degree oven for 25 minutes

7 Chicken Marinades/Sauces

Veggies + Carbs

One Pan for the Chicken

A Couple Pans for the Veggies

Final Product 🙂