Welcome to Canva!

If you’re here that means that you are ready to seriously up your Canva game. I started using Canva back in 2016 for the first time and it absolutely blew my mind. I found it as a really great way to express my creativity while also being able to take anything — social media graphics, presentations, resources, workbooks, and so much more — to the next level.

As an entrepreneur, Canva has been my favorite part of growing a business! I love being creative and I LOVE having a beautifully curated feed. This isn’t for everyone and your feed doesn’t always have to look perfect, but for me, branding and consistency were a huge part of things that I love and wanted to make sure I did. Use Canva as the tool that it is, but don’t let it hinder your growth!

Canva is SO easy to use and I’m going to help you learn how to use it even better. If you’re new to Canva, we’re going to have some fun! If you’ve been using it, we’re going to help you get to doing things more consistently, creatively, and with ease.

If you have any questions as you go through this course, feel free to send me an email at jane@thethrivingceo.com or even shoot me a DM on IG at @thethrivingceo.co.

See you inside!